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    BlueHeart: Bluetooth Heart Rate with your Apple Watch

    Use just your Apple Watch and iPhone as a bluetooth/BLE heart rate monitor with your favorite gym equipment and apps

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  • What Are Users Saying?

    Hint they love it!

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    It works for NordicTrack C800!

    George/Lynne S.,

    IFit’s own Bluetooth chest strap won’t even work on this treadmill, yet this app does! Anyone with a treadmill with a Bluetooth logo (even 5-year-old ones) should download this and test it.

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    So excited...and YES! 


    Updated rating. Based on the very quick and helpful feedback from the developer it now WORKS!. This is just what I was looking for my bike and tread. I was so excited to be able to ditch my heart rate strap on my Peloton however the app will not install on my watch. I have tried hard resetting both my phone and my watch to no avail. IPhone XR with Apple Watch Series 2, both updated to latest OS.

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    Great Peloton Workaround


    Just saved me $60 on having to purchase a HR to work with the Peloton. I’d rather use my Apple Watch and this does just that. Excited for the new feature that will allow us to avoid duplicating calorie count between the bike and watch when recording in the health app.
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    Exactly what I was looking for 


    I have been wearing a heart rate monitor along with my Apple Watch on my Peleton so that I could get heart rate data for the last year. I always wished I could just get my heart rate from the watch to Peleton so I could avoid wearing an extra monitor and now I can!
  • Ditch the Strap!

    Use your Apple Watch and iPhone instead of a BLE Chest Heart Rate Strap

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    Works with any BLE Machine or App

    ​By following the Bluetooth SIG Spec it acts like every other BLE Heart Monitor on the market.

    You can use it with Peloton, Mirror, LifeFitness, Wahoo, Hammerhead, TrainerRoad, Precor and many more! Track indoor cycling, running, rowing, stair stepper, elliptical, HIIT and more!

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    Privacy Focused

    BlueHeart is GDPR, CCPA, and Apple No-Tracking complaint.​

    We use the app every day. We care about our privacy as much as you do, so your data is your data. We don't want it and we upload no identifiable data to our servers. We also use best in class partners that are also GDPR, CCPA, and Apple No-Tracking complaint

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    Close your Rings

    Save to Apple Health and close your rings just like the native workout app.

    We get it. We like to close them too. So get the best of both worlds by having your watch calculate your calories using Apple's advanced algorithms and broadcast your heart rate over BLE

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